Photo album

I spent three weeks in the UK, with a brief side trip to Poland, from April 29 to May 21.

Herewith some pictures.

Rather foolishly, I assumed that distributing photos to possibly interested parties would be a piece of cake. Not so! I don’t use Facebook. I did not want to open an Instagram account. Trying to share through iCloud forced me to spend a fruitless hour with Apple technical support.  

Finally, I remembered that I still had my own webpage and so this is how they have turned up. There were other pictures that I hoped to show but in spite of my best efforts, they would either appear on their sides or upside down. Applying all of my mighty computer skills did not get them to display properly. So, boo!

If you would like to look at what I did manage, please go to

When you get get to the album page  click on the first thumbnail and it will allow you to see the images as a slide show. Mercifully, there are no special effects or any music.


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