A break from politics, priests and mullahs. Much mayhem continues to roil but I shall not comment; instead, a short piece about dogs. Much pleasure is to be had from being with and talking to your dog. They ask for little more than kindness and two squares a day. They admire you unconditionally and do not carp or criticise. How good is that?

My next book is within an ace of being published. I am calling it: Critical Essays on Priests, Politicians, Prophets and Professions. I am hoping that inspiration will strike and that I can come up with a more engaging title. This effort is a selection from the many pieces I have posted on my blog since I began it in 2006. I have edited them a little. All that remains is to design the cover, a final proof read and then the conversion to a format suitable for eBook and regular print book publication. With luck it will be available by the middle of next month. 

Latest piece: Dogs!

David Amies,


March 21 2015.