I trust my readers will not be alarmed at this latest piece, ‘Assisted Suicide’. My last dealt with growing old and now two weeks later I am banging on about, ‘….shuffling off this mortal coil’. Fear not. Growing old I may be  - so is everyone else, if you stop to think about it - but about to jump off a cliff, I most certainly am not. As you will see, Canadian lawmakers have come to their senses and decided that the present state of affairs concerning end of life matters is unsatisfactory. They have given the Federal Government a year to sort it out

The very faintest signs of Spring are to be seen. Daily temperatures are now more often than not in positive territory. It still gets down to below zero overnight. The buds are getting plump. Some flocks of geese are arriving from the south and the ice of the lake in the park is now melting fast. There is a fair way to go before we shall be breaking out the bikinis, shorts and barbecues but as the days grow longer, the sense of optimism that Northern peoples experience each year at this time beigins to become more evident. Mr Yoshington Dog is less enthusiastic for he loves rolling in snow and endures the cold better than most wrapped up in his thick fur coat. We shall be clearing away large handfuls of black doggy hairs scattered over the entire house as YD gets ready for the warmer weather.

Latest piece: Assisted Suicide

David Amies

Lethbridge, February 21st 2015

PS Perhaps I have been a little hasty, for Old Man Winter has shown up overnight. A couple of centimetres of snow were on the ground when I got up to take Yoshi for his morning walk. It snowed steadily while we were in the coulees and by the time we were done, two centimetres had turned into four. Otherwise very tolerable: temperature minus four, no wind, no people and wonderfully quiet and peaceful. I may have to fire up the snowblower later on today.