I have had a number of emails sharing the concerns expressed in my last posting. One sent the following link that is worth a look:  http://www.youtube.com/embed/A3YQANdvvbY  It is a short Youtube clip.

We have shackled ourselves with political correctness and made it hard to talk about such fears without exciting charges of Islamophobia or racism. If I problem exists in any dimension, it is important to be able to outline it in language comprehensible to all. Afterwards, interested parties can agree that the problem is overblown or that action is necessary. En passant, Pope Fancis suggested last weekend that perhaps the Third World War had already begun  without anyone really noticing!

 David Cameron has inveighed that the recent beheadings in Iraq were not really the actions of Muslims but of monsters. Leaders like him are scared stiff of attributing a religious dimension to the troubles in the Middle East forgetting that there are nearly two hundred Haditha that call upon Muslims to slaughter Jews and infidels. No religious dimension? What is he smoking?

This is all very dystopian and perhaps over alarmist but some really nasty stuff is going on and needs to be faced. Is the present crop of leaders in the West up to the task?

David Amies


September 17th 2014 

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