A change of tack this week. No religion or stories of war in the Middle East, for a change. Trouble of a different sort: the outbreak of Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever in West Africa occupies the latest page. 

Various remarkable odds and ends have cropped up in the world’s press this week. The most priceless is a story from the UK. Apparently, schools are to supply children with toothbrushes and toothpaste because many kids arrive at school with unbrushed teeth, leaving them prone to dental disease that requires admission to hospital for extractions. It seems that many parents in the UK do not realise that they should brush their children’s teeth! There have been cries that such provision amounts to the nanny state gone bananas. Some have gone so far as to suggest  that parents will drop their kids off each morning naked leaving the staff to bath and dress them.

This old curmudgeon finds it astonishing that any parent would not know that its offspring’s teeth require regular cleaning. Even the veriest Hottentot uses a chewed twig end for the task. I can only assume that the parents of the unfortunate British kids lie around all day on the couch, watching reality TV,  while stuffing their mouths with potato chips and guzzling beer. 

The next story, rather frightening at that, reports that an American general is claiming success with the bombing campaign going on against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Shades of George W. Bush and his, ‘Mission accomplished.’

 ‘When will they ever learn?’

 Latest polemic:  Ebola

David Amies

Lethbridge, Alberta,

October 25th, 2014

The Fall, here in Lethbridge, is unsually mild. The leaves have all turned golden and many have been blown off the trees. The longer the warmth hangs on, the less cold there is to come in the winter.

Much turmoil is afoot across the World. Arabs are busily slaughtering one another in the Middle East. A very unpleasant epidemic is taking hold in West Africa. Stock prices, commodity prices and gold are all taking a hit. Some might say that humanity is being punished for turning from the paths of righteousness. Others would claim that it is just business as usual.

Pictures from West Africa are depressing. I left that region over fifty years ago and not much seems to have changed. Liberia, a country much afflicted by the Ebola crisis, has one hundred and fifty doctors to cope with a population of several million. What has been going on? It seems that it will be up to the West to bring this epidemic under control.  

The latest piece: A dog’s breakfast.

David Amies,

October 18th 2014