Right now the slowly unfolding Greek financial disaster appears to be leading to Greek expulsion from the Euro zone. The Arab world continues to sink further and further into quagmire. Illegal immigrants are finding their way across the Mediterranean in larger and larger numbers with the European countries apparently powerless to stop them. Mr Putin seems to be leading the NATO around by the nose with his adventures in Ukraine. Iran is playing the West for a sucker with clever manoeuvres over its nuclear policy. Chinese efforts to take over more and more of the ocean surrounding its southern coast go on unabated. 

Yesterday, three separate incidents occurred in which Islamic thugs slaughtered those they consider to be unbelievers. A factory worker in France cut off the head of his supervisor. In Tunisia an angry, young man smuggled an automatic rifle on to a tourist beach and calmly set about killing up to thirty-eight or so helpless holiday makers. In Kuwait, another gent let off a giant bomb inside a crowded Shi’ite mosque during Friday prayers killing and maiming dozens. it is unlikely that these attacks were co-ordinated but merely a response to the general call from the goon running Islamic State to bring about mayhem and slaughter to the infidels during the holy month of Ramadan. He told the punters that their rewards in paradise would multiplied tenfold by Allah – seven hundred and twenty virgins instead of the standard issue of seventy-two. He was making an offer to good to pass up, n’est-ce pas ? David Cameron, the British PM took to the airwaves to inform all and sundry that these attacks were not the work of Islam for it is a religion of peace. What would it look like if it were a religion of war?

This little site is going to take some time off for the summer. So, the piece on political correctness will be the last for the time being. Instead, I shall be watching my peas and tomatoes growing and spending time engaged in Egyptian PT – lying around in my hammock, reading books and sipping gin tonics. 

It is hard to decide whether S.N.A.F.U. or F.U.B.B. best describes current events. What is certain, however, nothing much will have changed by the time by the time I get round to jumping back on to my soapbox.

Enjoy the sun.

Political Correctness

David Amies

Lethbridge, June 27th 2015

Regular readers will be relieved to learn that the Orthodox Jewish sages, who declared that children whose mothers drove them to school would not be admitted to class because their mothers’ behaviour was immodest, have gone over the relevant chapters in Leviticus and decided that their initial interpretation of the scriptural law was in error. It’s all right kids, you can go to school however you manage to get there. I believe that the authorities in the UK who supervise the operation of schools suggested that the sages had made fools of themselves and that they should have another look at the holy books. Unfortunately, there is no word yet about the Islamic cleric in Saudi Arabia changing his divinely inspired understanding of gynaecology. It is likely that he, too, will realise that he is an idiot and will seek some other interpretation of the scriptures.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the World, another bunch of holy men have declared that a recent earthquake involving Mount Kota Kinabalu was caused by a bunch of Canadian tourists who elected to climb to the top and pose naked for selfies.  It appears that the spirit of the mountain was  greatly offended and had no option but to trigger an earthquake. Seems entirely reasonable, does it not? Professional comics are fast becoming redundant. One can get all the laughs one needs from the antics of seers, sages and other holy men.

The following three incidents speak for themselves. Comment and questions are superfluous.

 A few days ago, Lester Bower, aged 67 years, was led from his jail cell in Texas and taken to an execution chamber and filled with lethal drugs. He had been living in his cell on death row for a little over thirty years and his execution had been delayed while legal appeals went through the courts. On one previous occasion, his execution had to be postponed because the drugs obtained had gone past their expiry date. In Kano, Northern Nigeria, a fourteen year old girl was acquitted of murder. She had been married off against her will to a man more than twenty years her senior and had somehow managed to lace the food to be eaten at the wedding party with rat poison. The husband and two others died. The girl was let off as she was considered to be a minor and thus too young to be convicted but old enough to be married. Albert Woodbox, a coloured man, who has been in solitary confinement in a Louisiana Jail for just under forty years, has been granted unconditional release by a judge. However, the attorney-general of the state disputes the ruling believing Woodbox, who is frail and elderly, poses a threat to the local citizenry. 

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June 13th, 2015