Objects and Subjects

Fear not! I am not about to resurrect my blog. I am merely using the platform  to announce the publication of my book entitled, 'Medical Aid in Dying Canada 2017’.

It is available from Amazon. The Kindle version costs $6.75 and the paperback $9.25.

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I was approached by a publisher to write the book about a year ago. Evidently, the house went through some turmoil with its personnel and so by the time they had sorted it out and reviewed my completed manuscript, they decided that , ‘It no longer fitted their publishing plans for the time being.’ Consequently, I decided to make it available via Amazon.

If any faithful readers decide to buy the book, I would be grateful for a little feedback.

George Orwell wrote about authorship in his essay, 'Why I write’, as follows: ‘Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness.’ While I make no claim to be classed in the pantheon that includes Orwell – a veritable master, in my opinion – I understand his distress. If one takes the business at all seriously, it does not take long to discover that sentences can be polished and recast,  endlessly. Fortunately, for me, I have not been obliged to earn my living  with my pen. Such was Orwell’s plight.  Anyway, my little volume is out there for anyone, so inclined, to read. I am now free to continue with my novel, ‘Dr Emily Jenkins’ Journal.’ I make no promises as to when it will be finished.

David Amies,


July 27, 2017